Douglas Coupland, Slogans for the Twenty-First Century

Thursday, September 27 - Saturday, October 6 (secondary exhibition space)

This is an ongoing body of statements Coupland has been working on, in which he has made a consistent effort to “Try and isolate what is already different in the twenty-first century mind as opposed to the twentieth.” Many of these slogans – 100 will be shown at the gallery — have appeared in the “Posthasteism” manifesto conference in Beijing this summer organized by Shumon Basar, Joseph Grima and Hans Ulrich Obrist, as well as in the Armory Show and Coupland’s January solo exhibition at the Daniel Faria Gallery. A version of these will also be included in Coupland’s Nuit Blanche installation at Toronto City Hall.

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These works are hand painted on plywood and are a surprisingly unslick departure for Coupland who wants these works to have heightened immediacy. Coupland states, “If you were to attach a stick to each of these slogans and carry them in the street, would they read as protest or would they read as complicit guilt? For example, twenty years from now, were I to look at a picture of someone holding up a slogan reading ‘being middle class was fun,’ would that read as heartbreaking prescience or as rational acceptance of a by-then sociological certainty?”

A new series of work by Coupland will appear in the Moderna Museet Malmö’s ‘Supersurrealism’ exhibiton this fall (show essay written by Coupland) and Coupland will also be appearing in a marathon performance work organized by Obrist with the Serpentine Gallery during Frieze.