Hanna Hur: Mirage!

March 28 - April 26, 2014

Featuring Hur’s paintings and fibre-based works, Mirage! contemplates a time of disquiet for the artist. Having found her ability to move limited due to a decreased physical state, Hur approaches painting in gradual, layered steps, beginning with drawing – an immediate mode of mark-making. Graphite, watercolour pencils and china marker on gessoed, stretched linens are treated with light washes of oil paint. By using traditional drawing tools on materials historically rooted in painting, Hur formulates a new process that expands perspectives on painting.

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The works in Mirage! present a narrative distilled from the artist’s hyper-awareness of the body. In this series of paintings, Hur calls the figure into the picture frame, arranging bodies in a variety of poses that convey aspects of health and ability.  Hur’s purposefully effete figuration resists solidity and substantiality, weightless figures portraying ambiguous identities in a state of flux.

In BodyBodyBody (PastPresentFuture) we see three expressions of bodies. Is this form a single figure in motion, or multiple characters presented to us? Is it perhaps a shadow, ghost, mirage? Hur offers us figures defined through their absence and lack of concretization. She establishes them as stand-ins or props, imaginably performing roles of bodies and figuration. This symbolization, rather than depiction, and mere pointing to the figure, echoes the artist’s experience of disassociation and alienation from her own body.

Hanna Hur received her BFA from Concordia University in 2008. She has recently exhibited at YYZ Artists’ Outlet, (Toronto, 2013), The Power Plant (Toronto, 2013), Galerie B-312 (Montreal, 2012), and Xpace (Toronto, 2012). In 2011 Hur curated the exhibition Again, With Feeling!, with works by Jeremy Bailey, Hester Barnard, Doug Brown, Miles Collyer, Tara Downs, Lili Huston-Herterich, and Kristen Schaffer. Hur lives and works in Toronto.

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