Art Berlin Contemporary, Berlin, September 19 – 22, 2013

Daniel Faria Gallery is proud to be participating in the sixth edition of

abc art berlin contemporary

with a solo presentation of new work by Derek Liddington – Position A29

September 19-22, 2013
Station – Berlin
Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6
D- 10963 Berlin

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Canadian artist Derek Liddington (b. 1981) has developed a visual and performative practice that utilizes appropriative strategies. His borrowing of visual and cultural artifact leads to an investigation of the historic use of geometric form in picture making; specifically those developed in histories running parallel to periods of unrest and revolution. Through drawing, textile, and simple geometric form, Liddington investigates tension and line as a means for uncovering moments of violence. Continuing his interest in drawing, movement, line, and repeating forms, in A love worth fighting over (a monument to those that preceded me), Liddington dyes the canvas using graphite powder as a pigment, hand soaking it and rubbing it into the weaved surface. Through the process of making, the work exposes the performative aspect of it’s own creation, in turn tracing the history of labor aesthetic. The canvas is assembled from multiple geometric forms and patterns that have been pieced together as an abstracted operatic-narrative. The work comes together in the form of an eighty-five-foot long protest banner wrapped in-on itself, unveiling the moments of a quarrel unfolding between three lovers, a car, and two ballerinas.

Liddington’s appropriation of these moments of unrest and revolution can be traced back to the constructivist period in Russia when artists working in dance, theatre, painting, and textile collaborated on projects that worked towards the common goal of developing a labor aesthetic.

Derek Liddington obtained his MFA from the University of Western Ontario, London (2007) and BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax (2004). Liddington’s first solo exhibition will open November 16, 2013 at Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge, Canada. Liddington’s work has also been exhibited in group shows, most recently New Meditations, curated by Rui Amaral at Daniel Faria Gallery, and Dandy Gangs at the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Canada. Liddington works and lives in Toronto, Canada.

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