Expo Chicago, Chicago, September 26 – 30, 2018

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EXPO Chicago
September 26-30, 2018

Booth 260

Navy Pier
600 E Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

Daniel Faria Gallery is pleased to present a thematic presentation that interweaves works by New York based artist Kristine Moran and Vancouver based artist Douglas Coupland. Each of these artists—using their own strategies—engages modes of survival and repair. Natural disasters, climate change, pollution, and questionable governments are at the forefront of their concerns. The works presented salvage and quote from everyday materials that drift, wash-up and gather. Once assembled into sculpture, or referred to through painting, these objects and actions offer signs of a changing, turbulent world.

Drawing on her recent onset of low level anxiety since the 2016 U.S elections, Moran has turned her brushes and mindset towards escapism and survival: how will one jump ship? how will one endure? Moran and family recently sold their New York home and have spent the last year driving across the United States in an airstream. Moran’s new paintings, small in scale, picture a series of abstracted and distant landscapes, glimpses into the unknown.

Throughout his life, Coupland has often gone beach combing, as well as participated in collective efforts to relieve sites in British Columbia affected by Tsunamis and oil spills—two of the most important for him being the 1973 English Bay oil spill and the 2012 Japanese Tsunami. In his recent work Coupland has collected and meditated on single bits of Tsunami debris that have washed up on the shores of Haida Gwaii. Through painterly treatments, these objects (shampoo bottles, buoys, petrol tanks…) acquire a new seductive edge. They have been splattered and dunked in Coupland’s now well-known candy-colour acrylic paint. Pushing the work further, they have been treated in more plastic. Each one of them is sealed in a custom plexiglass case, which suggests the beginnings of a Matryoshka doll effect that is in our midst: plastic encasing plastic protecting plastic within plastic… They emerge as containers that hold a myriad of histories: natural disasters, class division, sovereignty, heroism and radical politics.


In conjunction with the booth project at EXPO Chicago, Douglas Coupland is one of the featured artists invited to participate in the third edition of citywide public art initiative OVERRIDE | A Billboard Project. Titled, Interlude at Hand, the program will feature works by Coupland, Sam Durant, Judy Chicago, Theaster Gates, and Portia Munson, among others, and will be on view on billboards throughout the city of Chicago until October 7. For more information on this project please visit: www.expochicago.com