NADA New York, New York, May 9 – 11, 2014

NADA New York

with works by

Derek Liddington & Jennifer Rose Sciarrino
May 9 – 11, 2014.
Booth 709

Pier 36 at Basketball City
299 South Street on the East River
New York, New York

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The Daniel Faria Gallery is pleased to present Derek Liddington and Jennifer Rose Sciarrino at NADA New York, 2014.

Both Liddington and Sciarrino address light: physical, metaphysical, and its in-between manifestations.  Of particular interest is where they intersect – the horizon. Light straddles the realms of tangible and intangible, illuminating throughout the day, only to fade into obscurity after sunset. The horizon line, a supposedly static point, becomes a place to contemplate ever-shifting boundaries. The work of both artists allows for contemplation of this elusive matter.

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino produces sculptures and installations addressing notions of time, and how light describes an object. Sciarrino’s latex on vinyl wall work captures a diffused horizon, created through digitally mimicked dates and times. Her concrete sculptures map slices of time through line – tracing shadows of an imagined object at specific points in time. Sciarrino harnesses shadow in order to draw line, creating dialogue between technology and humanity, continuing her investigation into methods of production and allowing the unexpected to emerge from ubiquitous materials.

Liddington’s intimate drawings are composed of geometric shapes, crowded against one another, giving way to vibrating edges and blurred planes. Narrative titles such as two imperfect parallel lines in a foreign space, & two views of a sun bleached horizon, allow the viewer to contemplate another level by which to read Liddington’s markings; the trace of a line or the casting of a shadow and pattern.

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino’s studies of the sun’s movement and Derek Liddington’s contemplations of daybreak, bring together an investigation into the juncture of light and darkness, and how light highlights some objects while rendering others in shadow.