The Armory Show, New York, March 2 – 5, 2017

The Armory Show 2017
Daniel Faria Gallery

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Presents: Shannon Bool & Elizabeth Zvonar
Booth P9

Daniel Faria Gallery’s two person booth at The Armory Show teases out the uncanny quality embedded in Shannon Bool and Elizabeth Zvonar’s work. Central to this pairing is each artist’s use of a bodily form— a mannequin, model or figurative sculpture—that stands in for the viewer, offering the possibility of seeing her or himself in an alternate state. Exhibition catalogues, art history anthologies, mannequin parts, contemporary and vintage lifestyle magazines all serve as source material for the tapestries, collages, sculptures and paintings on view. Through a process of disassembly and reassembly, displacing and replacing, blowing up and scaling down, Bool and Zvonar construct surreal compositions that entangle disparate objects, bodies and histories. These bizarre associations carry the potential to unlock the subconscious; the meaning of each image continually shifting with every new set of eyes that approaches it.


Platform: Douglas Coupland

Daniel Faria Gallery is pleased to present Douglas Coupland’s Towers at The Armory Show. Over the years, Coupland noticed how people at Lego building events cannibalize structures left behind by previous builders, in the process creating radical hybrid forms. The artist hijacked this mode of creation and produced Towers which consists of crowd-sourced Lego structures that Coupland then selected, modified, assembled into towers and then combined into a complex urban landscape, adding his own forms in the process. This work speaks to the current state of urban planning and the city of the future.