Shannon Bool, Dom St. Bartholomäus, July 18 – October 1, 2017

Solo Presentation in Frankfurt Cathedral, Dom St. Bartholomäus, Frankfurt
July 18 – October 1, 2017

A solo presentation of Shannon Bool’s sculpture, painting and tapestry in Frankfurt Cathedral, Dom St. Bartholomäus, Frankfurt.

In her work, Shannon Bool deals with the representational systems of art history with regard to visual and decorative arts and creates drawings, collages, photograms, murals and installations. In them, she often references related disciplines such as architecture, literature or psychology. For the Dom St. Bartholomäus (imperial cathedral), Bool has produced a new marble bench sculpture, which the artist has engraved with surface incisions oriented on historical church graffitis found in various archives. The work is complemented by a large-format tapestry reflecting the artist’s interest in ornaments, early modernism as well as oceanic cult. In this context, ornamental elements and different surfaces are not merely decoration, but bearers of meaning that reflect the complexity of perceptive and comprehension processes. Scribed Grid is a painterly work with a grid related to the structure of the windows in the cathedral, thus entering into a dialogue with the setting.

The presentation of Shannon Bool is supported by the Embassy of Canada in Germany.

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