Chris Curreri, Scrap Metal, Toronto

Samuel Beckett, Chris Curreri and Luis Jacob

Phantom Limbs, Scrap Metal, Toronto

April 8 – 25, 2015

Phantom Limbs brings together three distinct artworks that collectively create an elliptical passage through the human body. Imagining the body from outside to inside and back to front, the exhibition presents the human individual as a fragmented realm whose borders and limits are perpetually in flux. Raising questions around intelligence and expression, language and perception, the works together point to the ways in which we areat once predetermined and defined by the flesh we inhabit, while at the same time we transcend these limits through various modes of communication.

In this exhibition, Chris Curreri’s 16mm film loop Bottoms features a dancer repeating a series of movements that exhibit the physical expertise of the performer while embodying the staccato motion of the intermittent movement of 16mm projection. A beautiful conversation between emulsion, flesh and projected light, Curreri’s film demonstrates the language of the body, articulated in a cinematic pas de deux between the dancer and the projector. Luis Jacob’s Without Persons is an immersive double-screen video projection of undulating white fluid is suggestive of milk or semen. While the liquid alludes to the substances from which we originate, the accompanying voices describe the gradual shifts in perception that occur as a body develops. In contrast, Samuel Beckett’s harrowing monologue Not I, delivered by a disembodied mouth (a heroic performance by the late Billie Whitelaw), describes a joyless existence punctuated by trauma. Both prisoner of her flesh and seemingly a stranger to her body, the mouth’s wall of words seem to function both as a means of escape or transcendence even as she is also entombed by them.

Not I presented with permission of the Samuel Beckett Estate care of Curtis Brown Ltd.

Wednesday April 8: 6 – 8PM

Scrap Metal
11 Dublin Street. Unit E

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