The Armory Show, New York, March 8 – 11, 2018

Daniel Faria Gallery is pleased to be participating in

The Armory Show 2018
Booth 829
March 8 – 11, 2018

Work by:

Douglas Coupland

Kristine Moran

Jennifer Rose Scriarrino

Allyson Vieira

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Booth 829

Piers 92 & 94

12th Avenue at 55th Street

New York City


Daniel Faria Gallery is pleased to present a thematic presentation that interweaves works by Douglas Coupland, Kristine Moran, Jennifer Rose Sciarrino and Allyson Vieira for The Armory Show 2018. Each artist quotes and salvages everyday materials that drift, wash-up and gather. Once assembled into sculpture, or referred to through painting, these objects offer signs of a changing, turbulent world.

Douglas Coupland has often gone beach combing and assisted in efforts to relieve sites in Canada affected by Tsunamis and oil spills. Coupland collects items that have washed up along the shore as a result of extreme weather to compose hutches, chests and totems – containers that hold a myriad of histories: natural disasters, class division and radical politics.

Since the 2016 U.S. elections, Kristine Moran has turned her brushes and mindset towards escapism and survival: how will one jump ship? Abandon the island? Endure? Moran has recently taken up swimming as a form of meditation and preparation. Like repeating swim strokes, Moran’s new paintings picture swimmers moving through and away into the unknown.

Underlying Jennifer Rose Sciarrino’s recent work is an awareness connected to the experimentation being performed on living organisms. Sciarrino has created hand blown glass ellipsoid shapes, based on microscopic views of pollen grains and has reimagined them to possess the potential to flower into hybrid plants. 

Allyson Vieira is sensitive to the dualities that complicate large contemporary cities: demolition and construction, waste and newness, gentrification and displacement. Vieira’s Blocks series are composed of concrete and urban construction debris. Strangely, these objects appear as relics of the future— promises already un-kept.


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