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Jennifer Rose Sciarrino, Idea Exchange, Cambrigde, April 15 – June 18, 2016

For the lack thereof, because you don’t think of me often.
Idea Exchange, Cambrigde, Canada
April 15 – June 18, 2016

Participating artists: Jennifer Rose Sciarrino, Barbara Hobot, Kristiina Lahde & Adrienne Spier.

For the lack thereof addresses the object and its fundamental yet unseen relationship with the void. Forms that appear missing, processes that lead to material changes, and illusions of presence articulate interests in the physical form from artists inherently interested in material’s ability to address itself. The romantic subtitle suggests an absence of consideration for the void, or rather a longing for acknowledgment of its being, helps to root a collection of works in a discussion of the elemental nature of an art object. While stark in appearance and calculated in presentation, the works in this exhibition show us that the unseen too is a poet.

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