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Mark Lewis, Le Bal, Paris

Mark Lewis 
Le Bal, Paris
February 5 – May 3, 2015

“The notion of experience lies at the heart of Mark Lewis’ work. Most of his works are short films involving the development of a single shot. The camera advances slowly in the shot and gives the impression of time being stretched, even though nothing is in slow motion. Space also seems to be stretched, while the slow movement of the camera as it lingers on the shot “opens” the shot towards what might be called a “spread” image. In this way, the spectator is drawn in, and the impression is intensified by the size of the projection. The films function best when the size of the projection is on the same scale as that of a body contemplating a natural or urban landscape, or a piece of architecture. What is produced is a sensory experience, an experience with the potential to create in the spectator confronted with the work a broadened consciousness of the world.”
– Chantal Pontbriand