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Shannon Bool, Lenbachhaus, May 6 – October 8, 2017

Mental Yellow. High Sun

Lenbachhaus, Munich

May 6 – October 8, 2017

Shannon Bool included in Mental Yellow. High Sun at Lenbachhaus, Munich.

The Städtische Galerie in the Lenbachhaus prepares the exhibition Mental Yellow in cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Bonn. Sunshine level. The presentation is dedicated to the collection KiCo by Doris and Hans-Gerd Riemer from Bonn, which has been located at both museums in Bonn and Munich since the mid-1990s. The main focus of the collection was on monochrome coloring, but has expanded over a period of two decades to a wide spectrum from contemporary art to space – encompassing installations. Acquisitions take place under the premise of integrating complete work groups or entire spatial concepts into the collection. The acquired works are to be permanently available to the public museums. In close collaboration and coordination between the collectors and the two museums, the collection is continually expanded and thus makes it possible to complement the museum’s collections. The KiCo collection is of great help to the Lenbachhaus as well as the Kunstmuseum Bonn in continuing to pursue its own collection policy in the coming years.

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