Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: trans/FORM

matter as subject > new perspectives

144 pages
The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (2012)
Texts by: David Liss, Saelan Twerdy, Jeremy Jansen, Tara Downs, Dory Smith, Leah Turner, Amanda Brason, Liam Crockard & Jesse Harris.
Editors: David Liss & Dory Smith
ISBN: 978-0-9698547-9-1

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Publication City/Country: Toronto
Publisher: Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

trans/FORM features eight Toronto artists exploring new approaches to producing artworks whose meaning and essence are revealed through the materials from which they are made. Working primarily in recognizable media such as painting, sculpture and installation, they combine found, vernacular and traditional materials with lo-tech, industrial and handcrafted processes. Astutely resourceful, informed by various conceptual strategies and working with an open attitude of experimentation, their inventive processes are meant to animate the latent expressive potential of matter, transforming materials into a coherent, poetic language of form. For these artists materiality is the core subject of their work. trans/FORM presents new perspectives on form, meaning and material that are essential to the -very definition of art.